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tattooed arms performing reiki over the heart chakra

I'm Gina, a Reiki Practitioner, and I offer powerful and life-changing energy healing sessions. Through gentle and calming reiki energy, I'm here to help you heal and bring balance to your body and mind. Schedule a session with me today and experience the power of reiki for yourself.

I specialize in Reiki, an ancient Japanese energy technique, that channels energy through the hands to provide healing and increased efficacy of treatments when combined with other modalities such as traditional medicine or counseling. These treatments can help you relax, heal past traumas, remove what has been holding you back, and feel better every day. Schedule a session with me today and get ready to experience the power of healing through Reiki.

Reiki Packages

About Reiki

What is reiki?

Reiki can help people achieve a balanced state of well-being and relaxation. Reiki is a form of energy healing that works with the body's natural healing processes to access the universal flow of energy in order to treat physical, emotional, and mental ailments, restore balance to the energy points known as chakras, and to promote magical growth and healing.


Who can give reiki? 

Only practitioners with the proper attunements are able to access reiki energy. If you are interested in receiving attunements and learning how to use reiki, please contact Gina to discuss beginning your healer journey.


Can I get reiki instead of seeing a doctor?

No. Reiki is not healthcare, but it is a supportive energy work that can help manage and enhance your current health concerns or treatments. Reiki is not medical treatment so please contact a doctor for treatment of your chronic health issues. I will be happy to provide supportive healing in conjunction with professional medical or mental health therapies.


What is a session like?
Gina offers Reiki treatments that are designed to calm and heal. During a session with Gina, you will relax in a calm, serene environment while she uses a series of hand positions to promote balance, healing and relaxation. Ginas' holistic approach includes the use of essential oils, dimmed lights and meditative background music to create a transformative experience.


Maria Agosto Mindfulness Maria

Mindfulness Maria

I’ve never experienced Reiki like this before, Gina made me feel comfortable and explained so I could better understand what to expect. I cannot explain in words what she did but it was amazing - I felt deep release! 10/10 recommend for inner work journey.

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Cielo Rodriguez


Gina’s reiki service was an amazing experience—afterward, I felt amazing. That particular reiki session was one that I didn’t know I needed at the time, but as I continue to reflect on the healing, I realized the true depth and importance of it during an extremely stressful and emotionally draining part of my life as I was going through different changes and endings in my life. It helped me to release a lot of the energy and stress I was feeling and I remember feeling such comfort under her energetic care and intention that goes into every single one of Gina’s practices, whether it be tarot, bread, yoga, or reiki. I cannot wait to have another reiki session with her, especially now at the time of my life where now I feel like i can reflect on the past and carry it with me as a learning lesson at each session.

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Breanna H.jpeg


What a wonderful tool for self love! This was my first visit with Gina and I had the 60 minute Tarot + Reiki Session. The cards, advice, and energy she shared with me really resonated with my situations and illuminated the validity of some thoughts I had been having, leaving me with a feeling of empowerment. I would highly recommend the Tarot + Reiki pairing so you have the Tarot to reflect on while Gina does her Reiki magic ✨

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About Gina

Usui Reiki Master

Gina is an experienced and compassionate Reiki master, offering clients a safe and supportive environment to experience the energetic magic of healing. Combining her Piscean nature with her knowledge of physical and emotional healing, Gina offers a holistic approach so that all types of healing can take place.

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