Tarot Readings

A tarot reading is a great way to get feedback on your path, clarify a situation, make a big decision, or weigh your options.

I believe in a tarot of self love. I try to create a space where the cards can speak to your strengths and to your goals, while also affirming your decisions or pointing you in the right direction if you’re off your path. I believe in using tarot as a mirror to see the parts of our selves we know exist but never get to see.


I create spreads that allow space for you to understand your inner workings and trust your place in this world.

Most readings are done through text, unless listed otherwise. I love doing readings this way because you are able to focus on the reading and the words and photos of the cards. It gives me a chance to connect with you to read your cards, even if you aren't in Las Cruces. You can also revisit it later and see how the situation evolves and resonates.