Tarot Readings

A tarot reading is a great way to get feedback on your path, clarify a situation, make a big decision, or weigh your options.

My tarot philosophy is that tarot is a mirror that makes it easier for us to reflect and see our best selves and the options available to us. I am not one to predict things that will happen to you; instead, I want to help guide you through your tough decisions and happiest moments.

All readings are done through text. I love doing readings this way because you are able to focus on the reading and the words and photos of the cards. It gives me a chance to connect with you to read your cards, even if you aren't in Las Cruces. You can also revisit it later and see how the situation evolves and resonates.

types of readings

3-Card Situational Reading


This quick reading is great if you have a single situation that you want clarity about. The reading includes deck selection, background information, and a reading including 3 cards. 

Moon Phase Reading


These readings change based off the phase and astrology of the moon and can only be scheduled for the week of a full or new moon. These sessions include goal setting and reflection, as well as discussion of how the moon rules different areas of your life.

Custom Spread


The custom spread readings are more in depth and created based off the questions and feelings you’re unsure of, and can include multiple situations and balances you’re working through. This reading includes deck selection, background information, and a reading including between 5 and 10 cards.

I also offer birthday, newborn, year ahead, and special readings.

Please contact for more info.

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