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Tarot Readings

A tarot reading is a great way to get feedback on your path, clarify a situation, make a big decision, or weigh your options.

I believe in a tarot of self love. I try to create a space where the cards can speak to your strengths and to your goals, while also affirming your decisions or pointing you in the right direction if you’re off your path. I believe in using tarot as a mirror to see the parts of our selves we know exist but never get to see.


I create spreads that allow space for you to understand your inner workings and trust your place in this world.



How does Tarot work?

Tarot is a divination tool -- that is, it is a tool that witches use to read the energy of the universe and come up with answers. Everything is energy, and reading energy is a skill that takes years to tune into.

I pull cards based off your energy and the situation that you are going through, and interpret the cards. All tarot decks have 78 cards, that represent the full human experience through archetypes. My interpretation of these archetypes help give you the answers that you are looking for, from what is coming from a specific situation or how you can change the path you are currently on.

What can my reading be about?


Tarot readings can be about almost anything! If you have a big decision you need to make, if you have been having a rough time, if you want to set big goals, if you want to understand your past, if you want to close a chapter, if you want to find love, if you want to get pregnant, if you're looking forward to the year ahead, or if you're just curious what can come up, a tarot reading can be a great tool!

I create specific spreads made just for you and your needs. Be sure to let me know anything you would like to get out of your reading in your booking notes. I appreciate when you provide as many details as you feel comfortable with because it helps me create a more specific and accurate reading. Everything you share with me is confidential, and I appreciate your trust.

I want to get a reading, but I am scared of hearing something I don't want to hear. Is tarot as scary as it seems?

Absolutely not! I don't get why the media has made tarot seem evil. I promise that I will never predict something that you have no control over, and I definitely will not tell you that you're going to die! Most readings end up with concrete goals and affirmations of your strengths, as well as some warnings about obstacles that you may encounter. It's important to remember that you have control over your life and tarot is just here to help light the path for you.


Is there anything I can't ask the cards about?

One thing I will never ask the cards about is your ex -- your ex is gone and I don't think it matters if they come back. Instead, I want to focus on YOU and your healing. My goal as a reader is to work with you to heal, take control over your life, and get what you desire. If you think that what you desire is your ex, good for you! But I will bet that you will probably want something much greater once we work together. Your ex is your ex for a reason. There are plenty of readers out there who will love to talk about your ex with you, so if you feel like you need that, feel free to seek out that person.

Otherwise, the sky's the limit! I will read your cards about any topic -- getting pregnant, buying a house, getting a new job, fighting with family members, discovering generational trauma, going back to school, understanding your newborn, and setting long term goals are common themes for readings with my clients.

If you're not sure if I can answer a question using the cards, feel free to ask me before booking.

Does Tarot conflict with my religion?

This is a really common misconception about tarot. Tarot is energy work and is no more devil worship than getting a massage or making a wish on a shooting star. Tarot is a form of magical practice, but can fit into any person's belief system. I will never try to "convert" you or challenge your spiritual beliefs; instead, my goal is to challenge you to see beyond your current situation and become the best version of yourself possible.

Do you do events?

Yes! Events are my favorite! I have read cards for every type of event -- from convention center events as large as 2,000 people to intimate bridal showers. Connecting to people through the magic of the cards is my passion. Please fill out the contact form to discuss your tarot party needs. Be sure to join my email list so that you can hear about popup tarot events, too!

Tarot FAQ
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