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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

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Service Description

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that uses the hands to channel ki or prana from the universe into another person. The healer's hands act like a magnifying glass in the sun, channeling good energy into the chakras of the receiver. This will help align and cleanse the chakras. In a session, the receiver will lie down or sit in a chair and receive reiki. You will be given an option for hands on or hands off -- both are equally effective. Many people fall into a trance or leave their bodies during a session. You will feel relaxed and renewed for many days after a session. It can help calm anxiety, ease insomnia, and improve healing of physical ailments or pain. I am currently certified in Reiki Level I, which means I have opened my channels up to reiki energy and I can practice on friends, family, or pets. I am not able to charge for my services yet. Thank you for your trust and allowing me to practice on you. I will be asking for your feedback after the session. Please wear a mask to your session. My home does have cats, so if you are highly allergic, I would recommend waiting until I have a neutral space for reiki.

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Cancellation Policy

For Readings: Cancellations must be 24 hours in advance for a refund. Cancellations within 24 hours or no shows will forfeit the cost of the reading. I understand that I am not the reader for everybody. If I feel that we are not a good match, I reserve the right to cancel any reading and issue a refund. For Yoga: Yoga classes may be canceled at any time and the pass may be transferred to a future class. Class passes expire after 6 months.

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