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Nurture Your Magic

Cultivate Your Inner Magic; Nurture Your Best Self

Hey there, Magical Soul

Do you want to learn to trust your intuition and never question it?


Have you sensed the presence of something deeper, but you're unsure how to nurture it?

Dive into the extraordinary with Nurture Your Magic—a transformative experience crafted just for you.


Picture this: personalized guidance, 24/7 support, and a mystical journey tailored to nurture your growth and trust in your intuition. Imagine a space where you feel empowered to set goals and your inner magic is celebrated.


It's not just coaching; it's your invitation to a life of magic.


Ready to rise, nurture your magic, and live your most extraordinary life?


Let's embark on this journey together!


Who do I LOVE to work with?

  • People who know there is something more to this life, but not exactly sure what it is

  • Burnt out doers who are finally ready to receive

  • Recovering people pleasers looking to finally make space for themselves

  • Intuitives who aren't quite sure how to discern intuition from anxiety or instinct

  • Aspiring witches, mystics, and healers

  • Dreamers who want the path to achieving their dreams illuminated

  • Formerly religious people looking for deeper meaning in their spiritual life

Why Nurtured Magic?

Hi, I'm Gina
PhD, Reiki Master, RYT 500
(pisces☉, scorpio↑, cancer☾)

I mentor people on their healing journeys nurture their inner magic and cultivate their relationship with their intuition through spiritual practices and tools, such as tarot, astrology, yoga, and reiki.

I've spent over a decade cultivating skills that have taught me how to tap into my Higher Self and trust the magical power that the universe stores inside each and every one of us.


I'm an international yoga teacher, acclaimed tarot reader, Usui Reiki master, digital learning expert (PhD), and Western astrologer. In short, I call myself a witch.


These tools and practices have brought so much magic into my life and I know the power that they hold. I know that they can change your life, too.

But I also know how hard it is to cultivate these practices on your own. And that's where our relationship comes in.

Think of me as your spiritual fairy godmother.

Your witchcraft professor.

Your manifestation accountabilli-buddy.

Are you ready to dive deep into your spiritual journey and nurture your magic?


I want to help you heal.

Healing is not a linear path. I have been there, and my experience has shown me how important it is to have tools, mentorship, and somebody else who has been there to help.

Healed people heal people.

It is my biggest belief that we don't just heal to help ourselves live big, beautiful, magical lives (although that is a wonderful side effect). We heal to heal the people around us. By working on ourselves, we work on our community.

When you heal, you offer everybody you love the beautiful gift of beginning their own healing journey.

Trusting your intuition isn't just about becoming more psychic

It's about learning to trust yourself to set and achieve amazing goals.

It's about learning to live in the present moment and trust the process.

It's about connecting to something larger than yourself.

Every good athlete has a coach. Every good therapist has been in therapy. Every good teacher had a good teacher. Every good tattoo artist has lots of tattoos (okay, that one is controversial, but I stand by it!!)


If you want to trust your intuition, cultivate a deeper relationship with your Higher Self, learn to set and manifest magical & [im]possible goals, or create the spiritually fulfilling life you have always wanted, what’s stopping you? 


What if I told you that maybe you aren’t meant to do this alone?


In order to nurture your inner magic, you need to have structure and you need access to the tools to help you. It’s actually impossible to do this alone.


And I have amazing news!!


I’ve walked this path for over a decade and I took the looooong way with many different teachers to figure out what worked and what didn’t. I tried to teach myself because I couldn’t find the right support in many areas. And along the way, I learned exactly how to cultivate self trust, inner magic, and spiritual wellbeing.


I’m an encouraging teacher with over 15 years experience teaching at the adult learning level, 10 years teaching yoga, 8 years reading tarot cards, 3 years as a reiki master, and a lifetime of self-healing experience to offer YOU — and the next version of you.

Let’s nurture your magic and grow!


I need this in my life!

24/7 texting support

Weekly Zoom Calls

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Attunement 

Birth Chart Analysis

Vision Boarding


Spiritual Transformation

Connection & Magic

& More!

Modalities & Tools

This coaching program is comprehensive and a transformative journey where you'll unlock the full potential of your life and harness the magic within. My holistic approach combines mindful coaching, magical practices, and modern tools to guide you on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and manifestation.

Some tools available to you will include:

Mindful Coaching

Receive personalized guidance and support to cultivate mindfulness and bring awareness to every aspect of your life.


Gain insights and guidance from tarot cards, providing clarity and inspiration for your life's journey.

Reiki Attunement

Learn the art of channeling and directing healing energy, empowering you to become a conduit for positive energy.


Discover the cosmic influences shaping your life and gain insights into your astrological chart.

Vision Boarding & Goal Setting

Create a roadmap for your aspirations and set achievable goals.

Lunar Phase Living

Align your life with the natural cycles of the moon for enhanced energy and manifestation.

Manifestation & Affirmations

Learn techniques to manifest your desires and cultivate positive affirmations for a powerful mindset.

Pranayama, Meditation, & Yoga

Explore ancient practices to enhance your mental and physical well-being.

Accountability & Support

Your journey to enchantment deserves a cheering squad and a guide for every magical step!



What's Included

Nurture Your Magic is a 3-month 1:1 mentorship program unlike any other offering.

In the program you will:

  • Experience Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II Attunements ($333 value)

  • Gain lifetime access to How to Read a Birth Chart ($33 value)

  • Learn to trust your intuition through tarot cards & my ebook Practice: Using Tarot to Cultivate the Magic of Self Love ($33 value)

  • Receive a comprehensive birth chart blueprint ($55 value)

  • Create a vision board to manifest your wildest dreams using my tried and true method (the value of this is infinite!)

  • Engage in 12 hour-long weekly 1:1 zoom sessions with me ($924 value)

  • Have 24/7 text message access to ask questions & check in throughout the week (priceless!!!)

Plus, card readings by me as needed, guided meditations, reading recommendations, intuition building exercises, journaling prompts, spiritual homework, and much more!

A program valued at well over $1500, offered at half the price!

sale price

Payment plans are available

I offer a free 15-minute call for all potential clients to make sure we have aligned goals and values to make us an ideal match


Ready to Nurture Your Magic?

Free 1:1 Coaching Discovery Call

Let's meet for 15 minutes and see if we are a good match!

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