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Chart Readings

Understand the way that the stars shape who you are with a comprehensive chart reading from Gina

Personalized Astrological Chart

Your astrology reading will be delivered to you as a 25-35 page document, and includes valuable astrological information including:

All Major Placements

Your Big 6 in Depth

House Placements

Your major placements, presented in an easy-to-read table, along with a screenshot of your complete chart

Your Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all outlined with your essential personality features

Your planetary placements hold another layer: discover their house placements and what this means for each area of your life

regularly $55
only $44 for a limited time

Personal Chart Reading

Understand Yourself;

Understand the Universe

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Want to understand more?

Learn to Read
a Birth Chart

Reading your birth chart shouldn't feel overwhelming. Take charge of your astrological journey today and discover the profound wisdom that lies within your unique cosmic blueprint.

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