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I'm Back! (Sort of)

The Practice, Issue I

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote an email to my clients and friends, letting you know that my marriage had ended and I was heading to India for a month to complete a teacher training and find some deeper meaning in my time away. Well, one month became 6 weeks, which became 6 months, and then, here we are, nearly a year later. Spoiler alert: I am still in India. And I will be here for one more month before stepping off onto my next adventure (which I can't wait to tell you about). But for now, I wanted to reflect on everything this last year has meant to me and what it now means for RISE.


India is truly a magical place. It is beyond anything my imagination was capable of conjuring up prior to leaving my little corner of the southwest. It is a place filled with colors, sounds, and smells -- a total affront to every sense at every hour of the day. It is also a place where spirituality takes center stage in the life of so many people; there are temples on every corner, tuktuks decked out with the driver's favorite god, bells chiming from household pujas at 5 every morning, and beautiful rangoli decorating families' doorsteps.

Rangoli art created with rice flour outside a gate in Gokulam, Mysore
Rangoli art created with rice flour outside a gate in Gokulam, Mysore

In this place ever-present spirituality, I have found a peace I have never known before. I find myself truly living in each moment and not grasping hard to arbitrary plans. When I left the United States, I knew I was leaving with an open intention of not really knowing when I would be back, but in my wildest imagination, I expected to return by the end of Summer 2023. That seemed like plenty of time to find what I was looking for. That seemed logical.


But as time has moved on, I have changed my itinerary to only include one rule: follow the yoga.


Up until that point, my journey through sobriety had been marked by this profound return to my yoga practice, and specifically Ashtanga Yoga. When I decided to come to India, it was to come to the birthplace of this specific style of yoga, Mysore, and I received my 500 hour certification in June. It was a profoundly transformative experience to be able to center my days around my practice, and I knew there was something more for me there, so I continued to follow the yoga, which has led me to places like Goa, Singapore, Bali, and eventually, back to Mysore. I won't bore you with the details now, but you can read more about those adventures here.

And what I have discovered on this journey truly cannot be conveyed in one email, but I hope to reconnect with each of you and begin telling this story. My intention is to write a weekly newsletter reflecting on my travels, on magic, on yoga, on food, culture, or whatever energy seems to be big and present at the moment. I am returning to RISE renewed, excited, and deeply tapped into the Source energy that lights up my soul. I feel aligned and ready to share the magic of the mystical with you.

Speaking of Magic, I am excited to announce that RISE is back in a new form that will work for this phase of my life. I know, some of you will be disappointed to know that I am not baking sourdough bread right now (it's really hard to do that out of a suitcase!). But, if you are interested in learning how to bake your own using my recipe, I am happy to offer you the Sourdough Mentorship Program.

As for tarot, reiki, and yes, astrology, I am excited to be offering readings and sessions again. I say this with the utmost humility for these practices -- my readings have never been better. I have returned to these sessions as a new person, with a deeper understanding of the universe, and new ways to help you connect to your highest self.

I can't wait to keep sharing with you. Until next time!

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