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Growth Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

The Practice, Issue V

May 10, 2024

Can you believe it's May already? April felt like a whirlwind of intensity, didn't it? It's almost like we were all in a pressure cooker together! Speaking of pressure cookers, let me tell you about my own journey through April.

Leaving behind the familiar streets of Mysore, I embarked on a new adventure, teaching yoga on the enchanting island of Réunion. It's been a wild ride adjusting to a whole new way of life—French conversations with my rusty high school skills, navigating daily tasks with my non-English-speaking housemates, and confronting my fear of being misunderstood.

The Cascades de Galet on the Rivière Longevine, truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

But you know what? In that discomfort, I found a strange kind of joy—a productive discomfort, if you will. It's like stretching into a new pair of shoes; itchy at first, but oh-so-rewarding once you've broken them in.

I think we all have heard that phrase -- growth happens outside of the comfort zone -- but most of us don't know exactly what that means in practice. It just feels like a cliché rather than a guide for how to live life. That's because it's often impossible for us to see for ourselves that we are actually in our comfort zone, and even more difficult to see why we should even leave it in the first place. The place of discomfort is similar to that place of anxiety vs. intuition that I talked about a few weeks ago; without awareness it is hard to discern whether that discomfort is the kind that is good for us or the kind that is trying to tell us that something is off.

And this is one of the many reasons that I love my magical practice. It has put me in touch with my inner voice so that I can trust and understand when I am making moves that are aligned with my favorite self (a term I like a lot more than "best" self -- we have a lot of good selves inside of us). Tarot and Reiki have both helped me immensely with learning to trust the big leaps that I take, even when things feel uncomfortable and scary.

Me at the Pointe de Diable on Réunion Island

Here in Réunion, I am facing a crash course in what makes me uncomfortable. Very few people here speak English, so I am forced to attempt to communicate only using my high school French skills. I live with 3 older French women who do not speak any English, so even coordinating whether I am able to do my laundry or use the kitchen requires me to speak in my very unassured French. One of my big anxieties in general is being misunderstood -- even in English. And here, I am required to just hope that whatever I say is understood, or try to explain it again. It is an exercise in one of my biggest discomforts, and something I am simultaneously grateful for and completely uncomfortable with. I love the duality and the ability to embrace that things can be difficult and also quite exciting. I know there are amazing things for me as I navigate a world outside of my comfort zone, and I know my intuition led me here for a reason.


Do you want to live a life that feels more aligned?

Have you tried manifesting but can't seem to follow through?

Are you trying to jump start your spiritual journey but you feel stuck or lost?

Want to trust yourself more and doubt yourself less?

I have spent nearly a decade cultivating the magical practices that have supported me in taking big leaps, setting unbelievable goals, and trusting my inner voice. I am thrilled to announce that I am now opening up space to take on two new clients for my Nurture Your Magic coaching program.

The 12-week Nurture Your Magic Program includes:


💫Weekly zoom meetings to check in, read your cards, set your goals, talk through setbacks, and connect energetically

💫24/7 texting access to ask me questions, discuss homework, check in on progress, and ensure you feel supported

💫Reiki sessions and the opportunity to get attuned to Reiki levels i and ii

💫Tarot readings with me and coaching on how to do your own tarot readings

💫Meditation, breathwork, and yoga postures to support you on your journey

💫Coaching on lunar living, manifestation, goal setting, and aligned living outside of your comfort zone

💫Accountability toward your goals and support for your spiritual journey

💫And much more!

The journey to trusting yourself is not a quick one, but it is worth every bit of effort that you put into it. You don't have to do it alone. Let's have a call and see if we would be a good match.

I truly believe that we are all on a journey to discover ourselves in our truest form. I have been gifted the incredible experience of having a life full of difficult challenges very early on, and while it has been a rough road for me, I am grateful for the path it has put me on. I now know the power of the ability to self-heal, and the even more incredible power of being able to share that power with others.

Thanks for being a human I've connected with in this life. I know all connections happen for a reason. 

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