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Practice: Using Tarot to Cultivate the Magic of Self Love
  • Practice: Using Tarot to Cultivate the Magic of Self Love

    Tarot is more than just fortune telling -- it is a valuable tool for self reflection, goal setting, and learning to love yourself. This 108-page ebook has everything you need in order to start your tarot journey, including the history of tarot, card meanings, tips on how to learn the cards (guess what -- it's not about memorization!), spreads, and journaling prompts. This guide is sure to jump start your journey of self love and magical reflection.



    • Chapter 1: Getting to Know Your Deck
    • Chapter 2: How to Use Tarot
    • Chapter 3: Tarot Card Meanings
    • Chapter 4: Manifestation & Goal Setting
    • Chapter 5: Spreads & Prompts


    These chapters will guide you through understanding your tarot deck, using tarot effectively, interpreting tarot card meanings, harnessing tarot for manifestation and goal achievement, and exploring different tarot spreads and prompts for insightful readings. Each chapter is designed to empower you with practical skills and deepen your connection with the magic of tarot.

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