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Time Warp

I’m quite used to bending time and experiencing what feels like weeks in the matter of days. But my time in Bali surprised even myself. In 5 short days, I managed to experience the lessons of a lifetime.

This was my first trip to a place without a community or structure already in place. I came here alone with only my morning Mysore practice figured out— no friends, no day activities, no plans but to practice. And while I had some scary and some lonely moments, it was in those moments that I learned the most about myself.

However, it wasn’t my time on the beach or in the temples or eating Indonesian food that I’ll look back on when I think of this trip. I had some of the most profound moments on my mat, right there in a yoga shala, practicing the same series that I have practiced every single day for months.

It shouldn’t keep surprising me that this practice brings out breakthroughs like this. But it continues to amaze me, despite the outward monotonous movements of the same 75 poses. This week, I learned the lesson of discipline. I learned how this applies to my life off my mat. I saw in unquestionable clarity the ways that I have lied to myself and cheated my way through things that have only harmed myself. The practice has a way of putting a microscope up to the exact things we need to see.

The vulnerability that the ashtanga method brings out in me is something I’m still working through. I’ve always been one to be able to put words to what I’m feeling, but some feelings can’t really be explained. Some things just need to be felt.

I don’t have any pictures of beautiful Asanas or videos from the shala. I’d even be willing to say that my practice was actually very “ugly” this week and it’s not even something I wish to document visually. I hope you can feel the energy here in Bali through my words.

I’m endlessly grateful for my very short time practicing with Iain Grysak and Allen Enrique and I know I’ll be back when the time is right.

I am feeling more prepared than ever for my next adventure. As always, the practice is leading the way and I’m just following it.

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