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3 Things You Will Get Out of a Tarot Reading (& why it's not scary)

Updated: Apr 15

A tarot reading isn’t the scary thing the movies have told you. In fact, it’s a magical tool we can use to express self love, understanding, and more.

My unique approach to tarot affirms your path and asks you to reflect on how your present situation can move into something much more exciting. We should never feel stagnant in life and I’m ready to help you get unstuck!

Here are 3 things you can expect to get out of a tarot reading:

1. Tarot allows you to reflect and understand your inner workings.

We go through our lives without giving ourselves much time to reflect. That is part of our fast-paced culture, but it is also because we have been taught not to question what is going on in our lives. Tarot is a great tool because it can be used as a mirror to see the parts of our selves we know exist but never get to see.

What does that mean? Tarot is an amazing tool that shows us things we know inside but have never acknowledged. Getting your cards read brings an outside perspective into your inner monologue and helps you rewrite your story.

A tarot reading is a conversation with yourself and the universe. By understanding your options and why you make the choices you make (or will make), you will continue to make better decisions with confidence.

Want a reading you can revisit over and over again? The video reading is a great option for those longer term goals and problems you are working through so you can keep getting wisdom from the cards with every replay.

2. Tarot brings a sense of peace

I am an anxious person. I get how debilitating making a decision can feel. I understand sitting at home and doing nothing because everything feels hard. The things is, when you are worried about the future, you can't focus on the present. And when you aren't present, you constantly feel on edge and out of control.

A tarot reading can help calm your anxiety about the future by presenting the multiple paths available to you. Whether you are worried about your job, your love life, your family's wellbeing, or something else, a tarot reading can bring a sense of peace about where you are now and what is to come.

If you're not sure where to start with tarot, start with the Zoom + Reiki reading! Attuning to the healing energy of reiki with the support of tarot will bring alignment in many areas of your life .

3. Tarot gives you tools to affirm your decisions

Making decisions that don't feel good can cause us to feel regret. By living with regret, we look backwards -- and this holds us back even further because we aren't able to change our past.

Coming to peace with our decisions is one of the hardest battles we have to fight as humans. However, we made our decisions for a reason! We did the best we could in the moment and given the circumstances that we had.

Tarot can help you understand where your decisions will take you and how you can change your path by listening to the universe through the cards. These affirmative moments will help you start to make decisions with confidence and start looking forward, rather than backwards with regret.

Get feedback from the universe and feel confidence in your decisions with a tarot reading. The text message reading is a great option because you can revisit the conversation and receive the reading in a clear head space without worry about how to hold a conversation on Zoom.


So, what won't a good tarot reader do?
  1. I won't tell you that your life is unfixable.

  2. I won't tell you that you're going to die.

  3. I won't tell you that you're a bad person.

  4. I won't tell you that you have no good choices.

  5. I won't tell you that you are going to fail.

Tarot for self love is my philosophy, and I want you to feel loved and be loved.

Book a reading to see for yourself.

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