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3 Things You Will Get Out of a Tarot Reading (& why it's not scary)

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

A tarot reading isn’t the scary thing the movies have told you. In fact, it’s a magical tool we can use to express self love, understanding, and more.

My unique approach to tarot affirms your path and asks you to reflect on how your present situation can move into something much more exciting. We should never feel stagnant in life and I’m ready to help you get unstuck!

Here are 3 things you can expect to get out of a tarot reading:

1. Tarot allows you to reflect and understand your inner workings.

We go through our lives without giving ourselves much time to reflect. That is part of our fast-paced culture, but it is also because we have been taught not to question what is going on in our lives. Tarot is a great tool because it can be used as a mirror to see the parts of our selves we know exist but never get to see.