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Gina Lawrence
Phd, RYT500, Reiki III
(pisces☉, scorpio↑, cancer☾)

 Discover the power of healing and transformation with Gina, an energetic healer and witch. Gina believes in the magic of patience and persistence, and her craft reflects the practice and love she puts into her work every day. With her expertise in sourdough baking, tarot reading, yoga, reiki, and writing, Gina brings to each of her clients an abundance of knowledge and skill acquired through over a decade of practice. Experienced and passionate, Gina is committed to helping you on your journey to healing and personal growth. Plus, her skills as a highly trained writing professor, holding a PhD with an expertise in writing and digital learning, ensure her readings and workshops are deeply informative. When she's not busy on her business, Gina spends time traveling and communing with the moon.

She can be reached here.

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Tarot Readings

Gina provides insightful and empowering tarot readings to help you uncover clarity and direction in your life. With services ranging from single readings to mentoring programs, Gina is here to show you how to embrace and work with universal energy for positive growth and lasting change.

These energetic and healing tarot card readings can be about love, goal setting, decisions, heartbreak, career, moving, preparation for the future, and so much more. There's a tarot reading for any situation; allow Gina to be your guide.


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Reiki Treatments

Gina is a Reiki practitioner specializing in aligning chakras, relieving stress, and helping clients find confidence, heal, reset, and boost their natural healing process from trauma. Through her healing practice, Gina is committed to helping her clients achieve balance and wellbeing. Read more about reiki with Gina to see how she can help you!

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Artisan Sourdough Baker

Currently On Hold

Online Classes Coming Soon

Yoga for Discipline, Meditation, and Energetic Growth

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