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gina lawrence grandjean surya namaskar

Ashtanga Yoga

BREATHE. MOVE. BE. with me at Dwell Yoga

Wednesdays & Fridays

6:30am - 7:45am MST

At Dwell Yoga Collective or on Zoom

Been looking for a way to step into a yoga practice, but not sure how to start? Ashtanga yoga with Gina is an accessible yoga class with a great blend of intense standing/balance poses and deep seated work.

In this class, we have long holds and move with the breath to create internal heat and a light purifying sweat. While the class is challenging at points, the release comes in the seated postures, which allow us to tap into the magic of breath and stillness

Accessibility is my biggest value as a yoga teacher. It’s important to me that you feel welcomed and supported in my class When you walk through the door, I’m so glad you’re here and ready to practice!

To do this, I:

  • welcome you to come and leave whenever you have to go. If you’ve gotta work, I get it! (Yes, even come if you woke up late!)

  • provide lots of modifications and options that aren’t in the traditional cuing

  • cue every breath

  • provide lots of deepening and energetic adjustments, using my ashtanga and reiki training as background

  • offer this class at a steep discount to those who commit to the practice. You can buy passes here.

  • stream the class on zoom so you can practice from anywhere!

To be mindful of time, this class cuts a few select postures from the traditional series.

If you’ve experienced Ashtanga before, this class is different, too! I take out the strict militant energy of the primary sequence and make it my own, with soft energy, understanding, and gentle modifications.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

Please pre-register for class using the MindBody app or the link below by 9pm the day before class.

About Dwell Yoga Collective

We are a cooperative effort of people with the common interest of yoga and community. Every teacher pays rent to use the space and is 100% responsible for the growth of their class and the studio as a whole. Our vision is to offer our services in a way that feels accessible, equitable and sustainable for students and teachers.

More info can be found here.




urdhva danurasana ashtanga yoga

Gina’s yoga class is honestly one of my favorite classes to attend here in Cruces! I never really considered myself “good at yoga”, but she has been so encouraging and just fosters a safe space to practice in because I never feel embarrassed to try new things when I’m taking her class. Even if I’m busy, I make time in my schedule to go since I always leave feeling refreshed! I highly recommend trying out any of her classes if you’re looking for an amazing and well-versed yoga teacher!!

Roselyn, Yoga Student & Osteopathic Medical Student

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