the art of sourdough

Have you ever wanted to learn to bake fresh bread, but found yourself intimidated about where to start and what information to follow? With the rise in popularity of sourdough, there is a wealth of information out there, so it's very easy to be overwhelmed.

The RiSE Sourdough Mentorship Program takes the guess work out of learning how to bake perfect fresh sourdough by guiding you through a self-paced program with support every step of the way.


your ticket

to fresh bread

Gina is a professor with a specialization in online teaching and learning. She helps people learn remotely for a living, and now has a successful sourdough mentorship program that uses the benefits of online learning's ability to be self-paced with the security of one-on-one help. 

Here's the deal: $30 gets you the whole sourdough starter kit, which includes a starter (For Las Cruces/El Paso locals only), a sourdough guide, my videos on sourdough, a Facebook support group, and access to text me anything anytime.

If you want to make your own starter (or just live far away) there are a couple options: I can mail you starter flakes and you can try your hand at rehydrating them for $25, or you can make your own starter (guidance and resources provided) for $20.

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