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Say "Toast" to Boring Toast with these Unique Sourdough Ideas

Toast is great -- don't get me wrong. I love eating toast fresh off the cast iron and smothered in butter. But, let's be real. It's not a meal. It's not even something you can realistically eat every day. After a long run of daily toast, sometimes things just need some shaking up.

Here are 4 ways you can enjoy sourdough without eating plain old toast.

As a Tartine:

A tartine is the national breakfast of France. No, Really. It's an open faced sandwich, but with endless versatility. You can use whatever you have in your kitchen to make your tartine dreams come true.

A tartine with goat cheese, honey, and herbs on Rise Garlic & Herb

Some ideas for your tartine experience:

  • Goat cheese, honey, and herbs smeared upon crusty sourdough make a perfectly balanced morning snack.

  • Avocado toast could be technically considered a tartine. Add some extra flair by squeezing lemon on top and sprinkling a bit of paprika and garlic.

  • Scramble some eggs and put them on top of your slice of sourdough. Top with hot sauce, hollandaise, or last night's veggies.

Avocado + paprika tartine on Rise Sourdough

In or With Soup

Bread and soup are a match made in heaven. Whether you enjoy soup in a bread boule or toast up the bread to use as a dipper, you are sure to love the delicious combo of soup and bread. For extra deliciousness, melt some cheese on top of your crusty sourdough and then dunk away!

Some soups that really allow bread to take center stage are:

  • French onion soup

  • Broccoli cheddar soup

  • Tomato soup

Cheesy Rise sourdough with a fresh tomato soup

On a Charcuterie Board

2021 was the year of the charcuterie board, and there is no sign that 2022 will be any different. Tear up your sourdough and use it to pair with cheese, olives, and jams, or order a special sourdough centerpiece for the middle of your board. Who needs crackers when you have fresh bread?

A Rise pumpkin loaf on the center of a large Fig & Brie Thanksgiving charcuterie board

As a Sandwich

This should go without saying, but fresh, local bread makes AMAZING sandwiches!

Since Rise sourdough is vegan, you can even get extra creative with your veggie imagination and make the sandwich of your dreams!

Some ideas for an inspired veggie sandwich include:

  • Microgreens + roasted bell peppers + Dijon Mustard

  • Hummus spread + chickpea patty or falafel

  • Roasted tempeh + vegan mayo + shredded brussels + mushroom gravy

  • Caprese: Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil, and a balsamic drizzle

The possibilities for how you can use fresh bread are practically endless. Try some of these ideas and you can finally say toast to boring toast and hello to delicious bread-centered meals!

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