Introducing "Dear Universe," A Tarot Advice Column

Have a question that has been burning inside you? A situation that you think nobody else will understand? Need advice but Dear Abby just doesn't cut it?

Introducing Dear Universe, a tarot advice column for the mystical, spiritual witch who wants advice from the universe.

Every month, I will select some situations from the submission box and answer the questions by doing an in-depth tarot reading on the blog. The reading will include photos of the cards, insight on the situation, and advice on what to do next. If you choose to leave your email, I will notify you if your question was chosen. If not, you'll just have to keep checking back.

The first blog will be posted on March 15, and will continue monthly after that. Querents that need immediate answers should consider booking a tarot reading appointment instead of waiting for the chance of being featured on the blog. Here are some tarot readings I suggest:

The Rules:
  • Please don't ask about your ex. If you recently broke up or are having issues with a divorce or custody agreement, I will be happy to look into how to focus on your healing.

  • Be as detailed as possible. The more detailed questions will be more likely to be selected. Any names, dates, or other personal identifying information will be changed prior to publication.

  • Remember that while the magic of the universe is definitely real, legally I must tell you that readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not constitute medical, legal, or mental health advice. Please seek the help of a professional in those fields if you are asking a question where their expertise would be helpful.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for. Dear Universe...

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