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gina with her tarot decks
2 of Cups

Two of Cups

Your head is in the clouds and you are really seeking that connection: the search for the perfect lover, confidante, or bestie has you feeling drained and disconnected. Are you being realistic with what you expect from this search? Is this connection the only thing you care about, to the point of obsession? Sure, love and connection are important and wonderful things, but we have to remember that we only have control over one person in our lives, and that is ourselves. We can't convince others that we are worthy of their time, attention, and love. But, Card Cutie, I promise you are. Take the steps to focus inward and feel that comfort inside your own growth. It doesn't have to be perfect, the goal here is finding that acceptance and balance. You'll be surprised what and who the universe will bring forth when you least expect it!

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